I showed the ticket at the gate.

She enjoyed herself.

I'll get back to you on this.

He doesn't like to speak in public.

A man's vanity is his tenderest spot.

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I have two books.

Kristin wants to sell everything in his garage.

Elbonia is a rogue nation.

That's elevator music.

I never do anything without asking Barry first.


Is your car next to her house?

He tried hard only to find that he was not fit for the job.

What have you been telling your customers?

No one knows the real reason why we love dogs.

I don't make the schedule.

I didn't volunteer.

What color is the notebook you're looking for?

Knudsen likes it hot.

He tends to be arrogant.

I really hate you.

I was as sick as a dog after eating a hamburger from a fast food restaurant yesterday.

Malloy is nasty, isn't he?

Tell me what you know about what happened at the library this afternoon.

The workers of the northern countries have paid a high price for the displacement of production in the southern regions.

I wanted to do more.

Sorry about earlier.

Are you sure you want to do that by yourself?

Sonja is easygoing.

Her flat is always clean.

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She has nothing to do with the matter.

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I move that the witness be summoned on Monday.

He's always late to class.

The meaning of the word "sex" is often unclear.

She just pulled your leg. It's a joke.

There's something about Dwight that makes her irresistible.

There's no need to get so angry. Keep your temper.

I don't say nasty things about their children.


This is the word I found in the dictionary.

They accused him of being part of the plot.

Catch it and bring it to Darwin.

We've run out of patience.

Why haven't you told her?

I can get a doctor for you.

Are you busy on Monday?

Diana teaches the third grade.

That boy takes after his father.


He needs an interpreter.

He loves to eat.

Linda can't do anything without Victor's help.


We haven't said yes yet.

Every boss has his or her favorite employee.

Do you want her to help?

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I'm going to slug you in the gut.

He held a news conference a few hours ago.

May I take a picture of you?

The morning rush is at its peak now.

I want Carol beaten up.

When is checkout time?

I'm as shocked as you are.

Continue digging.

This is a ring my grandmother wore.


He threatened to kill me.


You're a great kisser.


A baler is used to compress hay into bales.


Tandy came to see Benjamin.

What little money I had was stolen.

I'm going to rest today.


The ship cast anchor at Kobe.

I met her late that evening.

I have to go ask him.


Red is not your color.

I like small towns.

If you take this medicine, the stomach ache will be healed.

Please don't insult our intelligence.

Dustin is one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Hugh Jackson is a very influential man.

Let me just finish this sentence.

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June is an accomplished writer.

I don't know what I should've done.

He is still green in business.

Don't fritter away your allowance.

Oliver loved Jef, who didn't love him at all.

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I don't feel like going to the movies. Let's take a walk instead.

Her hands are raw from the cold.

We've got a lot of catching up to do.

To say the least, he seems to be a bad person.

Masanobu probably doesn't even know why I don't like him.

Can you understand why they have to pig it in one sordid room?

Who teaches you?


They came to blows.

Tarmi insulted Marilyn and her husband.

I had to change trains twice.

Drinking just one glass of wine a day will damage your health, according to a study.

The whole world consists of four elements which are the basic ingredients of all bodies.

Those cats are liked by her.

I can't find a single flaw in his theory.


Why don't you just buy a new one?

We have to be more careful.

He was tired from reading.

Tal severs ties with anyone that insults him.

You've got crackers.

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I don't like to be judged.


Moran isn't thirsty.

Why can't Gideon just tell me what's going on?

Compared to his brother, he's not so wise.

You should play with your cat more often.

I have a bad squint.

You're incredibly talented.

He hurried so as to be in time for the train.

He was dependent on contribution for a part of capital.

I found a buyer for your house.

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The fox changes its fur, but not its vices.

Annard will go to Boston the month after next.

Edmund wasn't strong enough to help his father on the farm.

I submitted my report to Cristopher.

You can use a fine-toothed comb to check for nits.

I didn't finish reading that book.

Marshall walked in and quietly closed the door behind him.

Ralf is not good at keeping secrets.

Straka plays the piano better than Clay.

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His speech did not accord with his feelings.

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Do you think I should do it?

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Craig stared at the pictures.

He was brimming over with hope.

Where is Britney Spears?

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The lagoon's water is cold.


I was surprised at the discovery.


We missed Frank.

I disagree with them.

I intend to hammer this idea into the student's heads.

I regretted it as soon as I said it.

Cobalt is a transition metal.

He seemed to be the sorriest of all who had been involved.

Robots just do things, they don't think at all.


Some people consider Led Zeppelin to be the greatest band there has ever been.

Daniel has got to sort it out himself.

She lost her handbag.


Look at the contract carefully.

I should've told Jean-Christophe.

A man drew near.

The children occupied the large and spacious classroom.

She asked me out on a date.

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Are you sure you want to leave without saying goodbye?

I could barely walk at that time.

The treasure is still in the forest, where it is buried under a tree.

The proportion of sunny days to rainy days last month was 4 to 1.

I found a cache of my grandmother's recipes stuffed away in the back of a drawer.

OK Emily, blow out the candles.

It's what I want.

I'm old enough to vote.

Where are they taking you?

Isn't buying paintings for the office a little frivolous?

You're not giving up, are you?


Tao couldn't change.

This is hard.

Aaron killed Elizabeth.

Our money is gone.

My mother hates watching the television.

Derek wasn't surprised to hear that Rafael had gotten married.

Sergio works part-time as a nurse.

We have plenty to keep us busy.

Do you want me to inform Shane about our decision?

He was a poet and writer.

I wondered how I could make a difference in the world.

Rafael is being evasive.

I was caught in a shower and got drenched to the skin.

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I don't talk to them anymore.